Digital Marketing

6 Weeks Course in Online Media and Marketing

Would you like to strengthen your skills in Digital Marketing? Is it your dream to work with digital marketing, Google ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), websites, e-mail marketing or sociale media?

On this 6 weeks course in Digital Marketing you will get hands-on experience working with digital tools that are commonly used in marketing departments and agencies. You will learn to work with several Google tools, Google Ads, Google Analytics, social media, e-mail marketing, wordpress, websites, SEO and much more.

After completing this course you will be able to work  within the field of Digital Marketing. No prior knowledge of digital marketing is required to complete this course.

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Benefits from the course:

  • Get qualified in analyzing, planing and maintaining digital marketing tasks professionally.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge that helps to grow businesses.
  • Getting familiar with tools that businesses use professionally in their marketing execution.
  • You get to work with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, e-mail marketing etc.

Become a marketing expert and get the knoweledge within digital marketing that all businesses are seeking. 

The 10 point ECTS course is an approved for 6 weeks education for job-searchers

If you are job-searching there is a good chance that your A-kasse or Jobcentret will cover the fees of this course.
The country-wide “positivliste”: Educational code 37607
The regional “positivliste”: Educational code 37607 (Hovedstaden, Sjælland, Østjylland, Vestjylland, Sydjylland and Nordjylland)

The education is part of the “businessgroup” called: Sales, purchase and marketing.


19.800 kr. (incl. taxameter) at Aarhus Business Academy

24.410,70 kr. (incl. taxameter) at Copenhagen Business Academy

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Join this course and get the official Google Analytics certification

Sign up for this course and get the book: “The art of digital marketing” by Ian Dodson

What is included?

  • Free books

    You will recieve the book “The art of Digital marketing” by Ian Dodson and other materials about online marketing

  • Your own website

    You get 1 year of hosting when you create a website during our course.

  • Google Analytics certification

    You get the opportunity to be Google Analytics certified during the course.

  • WordPress & SEO

    You get your own website where you can work with landingpages for Google Ads campaigns and Search Engine Optimization.

  • Test accounts for Google Analytics, Ads, Facebook

    You get access to Google Analytics for excisting websites/webshops and test accounts for Google Ads and Facebook.

  • Learn to create Google Ads

    You will learn to create your own campaings and ads in Google Ads for different webshops.

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What are others saying about the course?

“Anders H. Kristensen and Kursusfabrikken gets my warmest recommendations. I attended the 6 weeks intensive course in Digital Marketing and there were never a doll moment!”

BrianAttended Digital Marketing

“Very educated teachers, who knew their whereabouts in the digital world. I have learned a lot and can highly recommend the course to others.

LeneAttended Digital Marketing

“I got my dream job while I was attending the course. But I am positive about the fact that having attended the course gave me an advantage at the job interview. For sure not the last time I will use Kursusfabrikken and their expertice.”

Carina Attended Digital Marketing

“At Kursusfabrikken you will learn to use all the relevant digital tools when working with digital marketing – and you can use them straight away.”

BoAttended Digital Marketing

Course structure

The course is devided into 13 lessons. Click on the individual lessons below to read more.

Introduction to online marketing and the course

In this first module we will introduce to you the education, the modules, the teacher and our learning portal, Kursusfabrikken Plus. Furthermore, we will take a closer look at the world of digital marketing, online media and consumer behaviour in 2019. We will introduce the strategic framework when working with digital marketing and how to create a digital marketing strategy.

WordPress, CMS & SEO

In this module you will learn about CMS systems and get practical experience working with the popular CMS system called WordPress. You will learn how to create your own website, building landingpages and work with modules, templates and Plugins. We also show you how to do onsite SEO for your WordPress website.

WordPress with Woocommerce webshop:

In this voluntary module we will introduce you to webshops and how to set up a webshop with WooCommerce. We teach you to implement WooCommerce with other systems such as storage systems, CRM and payment gateways.

Search Engine Optimization and Linkbuilding

SEO is learning how to optimize your website to get a higher ranking on Google or other search engines. You will learn how work with SEO in a strategic way and learn all the basic optimization opportunities. Furthermore, we will introduce you to hands-on tools to track your ranking. An important part of SEO is linkbuilding. That is why we will also cover this aspect of your SEO very intensely.

Google Ads & Digital advertisement

Google Ads is what you use when paying for advertisement through Google. You will get to know the program and how to build a campaign and how to optimize it. You will get experience in working with SEO and mobile advertisement and other relevant features in Google Ads.

Content marketing & SoMe

You will learn how to work with content marketing and how to prepare a social media strategy. We will dive into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and learn all the relevant features they have to offer.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

This module will guide you on how to make good and relevant advertisements on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. You will learn to work with generating traffic-ads, retargeting, lead-ads etc. You will also get hands-on experince with the various programs.

E-mail Marketing & Mailchimp

When working with E-mail marketing the primary task is to maintain customer interests and get loyale customers. In this module we will introduce you to MailChimp which is a program for creating e-mail and newsletters. We will teach you how to write relevant newsletters and to target your key audience within your customer database.

Google Analytics and preparation for certification

In this module we will teach you to use Google Analytics to research website traffic. You will get hands-on experience working with the program through our test-accounts. At the end of the day we will prepare for the certification-test.

Google Analytics certification

After working with Google Analytics in the previous module, now is the time to take your certification. It is an official certification from Google that you can use on your resume.

Conversion optimization, usability and user tests

Conversion optimization and user tests are unfortunately something most businesses forget to focus on. It is important that you know how to optimize your website so it will perform and convert visitors to customers.

Digital strategy, group assignment and law

We will focus on creating a digital strategy for your business through a group project. We will also go through the relevant aspects of the law regarding online sales etc. You will be working on a project in groups that focuses on creating an online strategy for a business of your own choice.

Presentation, evaluation and exam preparations

This is the final module. We will use the day listening to group presentations, evaluating the course and preparing for the exam. We will also do a full recap of all the disciplins that we worked with during the last 6 weeks.

The teachers

Anders is the co-owner of Kursusfabrikken and co-writer of the book “Online markedsføring”. His many years experience in working with customers and online marketing projects will come to good use when teaching this course.

Anders Hingeberg, Digital advicer and Google Ads specialist

Hanne is an online marketing consultant and teacher at Kursusfabrikken. She has many years of experience working with e-commerce and online marketing – including Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO, e-mail marketing and SoMe.

Hanne Hasseriis Gormsen, Online marketing consultant and SEM specialist

Gün has more than 7 years experience working with online marketing og digital solutions. Besides teaching for Kursusfabrikken, Gün also works as the CMO in “Flyhjælp” and as a consultant for “Escalate” – a business that specializes in generating traffic to websites. Gün’s great passion is to create creative omni-channel campaigns.

Gün Üret, Online marketing consultant

Asger is a teacher and online marketing consultant at Kursusfabrikken. Over the last couple of years he has worked in various disciplins within online marketing – including SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics and SoMe. Asger has a MA in Experience Economy from Aarhus University.

Asger Møller Dombernowsky, Online marketing consultant

Bonus material


Become an expert in SEO, Google Ads and Google Analytics. You will get test accounts to a long range of tools so you will be able to analyse, execute and maintain digital marketing tasks. You get access to Kursusfabrikken Plus, which is an online portal with test accounts, videos, exercises and guides.


As a bonus you will receive a wide range of video lessons about e-commerce. The videos give you a guidance to various webshop systems and at the same time you will get an understanding of how WordPress and WooCommerce work.


You will learn how to use Google Analytics which is a very powerfull tool for analysis in every online business. At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to be Google Analytics Certified – something most employers will loook foundly upon.

Practical information

Here you will find a wide rance of informations about the course. Click on the individual buttons to read more.

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